Steve Shox

Steve aka steve shox started stripping 5 years ago in a club I life above where I used to be a bartender. After being on TV and radio and a a lot of big party’s to dance I can say that I’m one of hollands most known strippers. Also I’m the most tattood stripper of Holland. When I’m not stripping I’m a window washer and tattoo artist. Do a lot of outdoor extreme sports
Steve Shox . Main stage artist
I used to be a bartender in club live Holland. After working there for a while I got in to a relationship with one of the female dancers there, she told me to be a stripper and I just had to laugh very hard, then the owner of the club heard what she was saying and agreed. So a couple of weeks after they put me on stage for a girl who’s birthday it was. I was so scared that I had to drink half a bottle of rum first lol. After that I climbed on stage and did my first show but was to scared to take of my pants so I kept them on. The owner had to laugh and told me that I had to go “butt naked” so here we are 5 years later and I just can’t keep on my clothes on stage anymore ahahah lol

In Holland I’m know from television and radio. From the kamasutra fair and a male strip group called “the boys next door” the name steve shox comes from…… that I wanne shock the world with my shows
I hope you got enough info